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Five Different Places You'd Like To Live:

Five Celebrities You Think Are Swell
*Steve Jobs
*Jenny Lewis
*John Kerry..HAHAHAHAHAHA....heheh.......ok, i'm sorry
*Trent Butler

Five Amazing Things:
*The Triangle (or in some cases, square) of agony next year at Palmetto Ridge
*The inevitable TacoBell-Borders-MaggieMoo effect
*rainy days

Five things you don't like:
*George Bush and the neoconservative GOP
*racists, haters, and people who think the United States is always right no matter what
*people who think not supporting the government is unpatriotic
*Blink 182...yeah, that's right daryl, i said it.

Five Things You Miss About Your Childhood:
*green apple slips and fun fridays
*not caring what other people thought of you
*two words...SEGA GENESIS.
*power rangers and rugrats

Five words

Five Movies you like
*Before Sunrise/Before Sunset
*Shaun of the Dead
*Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original)
*Kill Bill (Volumes I & II)

Five things you are
*a freak
*a wannabe drummer
*a liberal
*a scholar
*not scene

Five TV shows you like
*Six Feet Under
*political shows like Real Time w/ Bill Maher, The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart, and The Al Franken Show
*the hourlong American Dad-Family Guy extravaganza on Sundays
*miscellaneous adult swim shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Futurama, Home Movies, etc.

Five Favorite Musical People/Groups
*Crystal Skulls
*Sage Francis (thanks to Courtney)
*Her Space Holiday

Five Types of Music You Dig
*Shoegazer (M83 & Autolux)
*Post-Modern Pop & Post-Rock (Beck & Mogwai)
*Noise Rock (Sonic Youth & the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
*Lyrical Rap (Sage Francis & Common)
*Alt-Country and classic country (Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash)

5 Random things that have a special place in your heart
*good books

Five Things You Want to Do before you die
*go to every country in the world
*go skydiving
*live in a foreign country
*go on a road trip across Europe
*make a difference

Five Jobs You'd like to have
*professor of history
*CIA operative in Europe
*wine taster in California
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