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[[posted on Wed, 07-13-05 at 05:25pm]]

MY NEW SCREENAME IS ___arcades!!!

comment to be added.



there; three underscores.
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Communist Colonnades and Comely Caterwauls [[posted on Wed, 07-13-05 at 04:52pm]]
[ mood | blah ]

Go HERE and help tell George W. Bush to fire Karl Rove for maliciously exposing a CIA operative solely because her husband would not falsify evidence on Iraq's nuclear purchases to justify the invasion of Iraq...oops, I mean, "Operation Iraqi Freedom."


dirty cash [[posted on Tue, 07-12-05 at 01:04pm]]
[ mood | anxious ]

whosoever would be kind enough to assist me in this, my time of dire LJ need, i will be indebted to thee.

can anybody do by HTML? i just want my links at the top of the page to say something and i can't get it to do it.

IM me @ radioxwave if you wanna help a nukkah out.


eat that [[posted on Tue, 07-12-05 at 10:27am]]
[ mood | awake ]

1. crystal skulls; weak spot
2. beck; que onda guero
3. autolux; turnstile blues
4. M83; teen angst
5. sage francis; slow down gandhi
6. dj shadow w/ mos def; six days (remix)
7. pitty sing; radio
8. tilly and the wall; fell down the stairs
9. fiona apple; paper bag
10. and you will know us by the trail of dead; caterwaul

If tagged, you're it (10 songs you're currently into, then tag 5 other people! Post these instructions, the artists, and the ten songs in your LJ:



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[[posted on Sat, 07-09-05 at 12:35pm]]
[ mood | bored ]

the game of fiveCollapse )

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